Mission Statement

AbolishSlavery.org is a human rights organization dedicated to rescuing persecuted people from positions of vulnerability, assisting them on the road to recovery, and providing after care for the survivors and their families long term



About AbolishSlavery.org

Abolish Slavery Coalition is a human rights agency that forms task forces to protect victims of human trafficking, prevent the crime from happening, and work to prosecute the criminals, so these victims can have a safe transition out of slavery and into a joyous life.

"Today more than ever, victims of human trafficking are being lured, coerced, and abducted into modern day slavery, but with your help we can free the captives! and support thousands of at risk youth."

We are a coalescing force that brings people and organizations together while strengthening and building task forces. We help coordinate and mobilize in order to improve effectiveness in various contexts around the world, whether it is Mexico, Burma, Haiti or New York City.