Free at last! and reunited with her mother after four years! Make a donation to freedom! is a human rights organization dedicated to rescuing persecuted people from positions of vulnerability, assisting them on the road to recovery, and providing aftercare for the survivors and their families long term.

We investigate human trafficking hotspots worldwide and transition victims to safe housing, counseling, education, job training, alcohol and substance abuse prevention & intervention, and other services that lead survivors to self-sufficiency. You can help victims of human trafficking by supporting Abolish Slavery. Your monthly donation can help support our ongoing mission to rescue, and restore lives.

The Abolish Slavery mission is to rescue and restore the lives of victims who have fallen into human trafficking. works at home in the United States, and internationally, providing for protection, the rescue of the victims, shelter, and other services to help victims move forward with their lives.


Give the gift of freedom this holiday season! your donation can help support our ongoing mission to rescue, and restore lives, support survivors education to become independent and free!
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