We are a human rights organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking.

Human and labor trafficking victims, runaway children, displaced foster children, abused boys and girls, undocumented immigrants fresh out of detention centers, and Amber Alerts are all in desperate need of services and the need has exceeded the capacity.

This vulnerable population is highest at risk for human trafficking and with a 30% increase in caseloads since the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an urgent need in the community for advocates to handle the sheer volume of cases. We are skilled in a professional capacity to help parents who have lost their children navigate the system so that we can bring missing children home safely.

We can make a difference of the lives of children and their parents who have fallen through the cracks of society due to the pandemic. We specialize in forming and mentoring task forces, identifying gaps in the system, and filing those needs to create an operational team of Stakeholders. Once formed, the task force becomes a sustainable asset to the community in terms of child protection. By having a multi-jurisdictional task force, as children go missing, we can better serve the needs of parents and the community because we will increase the probability of their children returning home.

Our organization has already handled multiple cases in this area and we have developed strategic relationships with the police, sheriffs, detention centers and other task force Stakeholders, just like you, to create a lasting impact.

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Featured Activist

Dawn Rucinski

Most people don’t realize that the majority of the human trafficking cases in the United States involve runaway minors. Dawn has made this particular area the primary emphasis of her human rights activism. The success of her campaigns show that when real people come together in a combined force we can truly can make great strides to abolish slavery.

Thank you, Dawn!