Abolish Slavery fights to keep families together 


Help reunite children with their parents.
We must come together to reunite minors with their parents who have already been separated due to human trafficking. Additional case workers, legal representation, housing, food, medical support, and all the amenities necessary for a safe transition to a life in freedom is desperately needed.
We’ve been managing a backlog of cases at the Mexican borders in Texas and California.
Despite the heated political debate, case workers for our organization are serving and advocating for these innocents and their parents, as they struggle to navigate the US Immigration system and be reunited with their families. Everyone is talking about the optics and the politics of the problem, but is doing something about it. We rescue and restore, and with your help, we can stay focused on the solution and continue to reunite parents with their children. Please make a donation today

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Enter amount is a human rights organization dedicated to rescuing persecuted people from positions of vulnerability, assisting them on the road to recovery, and providing after care for the survivors and their families long term.

We investigate human trafficking hot spots worldwide and transition victims to safe housing, counseling, education, job training, alcohol and substance abuse prevention & intervention, and other services that lead survivors to self sufficiency. You can help victims of human trafficking by supporting Abolish Slavery. Your monthly donation can help support our ongoing mission to rescue, and restore lives.