Abolish Slavery has been working with the government of Brazil establishing and mentoring human trafficking task forces, training SWAT teams, and doing field investigations since May 2011.

These are the results:

Rio de Janeiro: Rocinha Favela Trafficking Lord, “Nem” arrested by police in Brazil

You won’t read about the children in this article but we have the inside story of how “Nem” was selling girls, running his brothels in the favela of Rio, and muling drugs into the brothels using eight-year-old slave boys.  They then had to remain in the brothels until the end of the day in case men wanted to buy them. While in Brazil members of Abolish Slavery “befriended” this drug lord during covert field investigations and was able to deliver this intelligence to the Justice Minister, SWAT teams, and investigators from Brazil’s newly established task forces that Abolish Slavery was mentoring.