Abolish Slavery Coalition Staff

Hannah Hakodesh  - Social Media management, fundraising strategies and victim advocacy

Hannah Hakodesh - Social Media management, fundraising strategies and victim advocacy for AbolishSlavery.org

Bilingual editor with over seven year's of experience managing and coordinating communications, social media for non governmental organization's in the U.S, Middle East, and Mexico.

Co-creator of Artists4Freedom - an artist collective that advocates for social justice by bringing awareness to injustice, human rights. Artists4Freedom provides fundraising support through music activism, digital music downloads and art.



Jason Torres, Mission Coordinator

Jason Torres, Staff Mission CoordinatorJason Torres is a New York City artist with many talents. His interest in human trafficking began about two years ago when he read a newspaper article about a women’s shelter. It disclosed that many of the women were tricked and forced into prostitution when they were just children. From that moment on, research and awareness about the trafficking of people became a priority in Jason’s life. He has a keen eye to see slavery in many situations, from bondage labor in the work force, to women and girls being prostituted. Jason states, “It’s happening all around us, and we need to take action.