Young Girl Sold into Human Trafficking.

Young Refugee from Burma
Dressed in the traditional clothes of the Mountain Tribes of Burma, this young girl is at risk for being sold into human trafficking.

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  1. I don’t see a way on the website to sponsor a child which was mentioned unless you mean just a donation in general, but seems there would be something on the donation screen for sponsoring an actual child who is in a recovery center as mentioned?

  2. I am a foster parent in Canada and when I see stuff like this it just makes me sick to my stomach.I can’t understand how anyone no matter how vile can take part in this behavior.My wife and I have adopted one little girl that stayed with us as a foster child and she is 10 years younger than our youngest bio child.We can’t say for sure if we are done adopting but sometimes we have an empty house and start to laugh and say is this what its like at some of our friends home. we currently have 4 foster kids from 3 families plus our daughter and one of our two sons the other is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We don’t have an empty house often. Shame on people who hurt others.

  3. It’s nice you are sharing your home with others, and especially children who need a family to be sealed to. These children all have great missions to do on earth, and being a slave is not one of them. For anyone to control another human being is beyond sick. Satan himself wants to control us, so they are doing what the devil is doing. I call child traffickers devils because of this. My life is free, and the lives of others deserve to be free too. We can all donate to this cause, and we can all bring one other person to donate, and that’s a start. Ask them to do the same. “Help is on the way”is the only thing that can save some of these souls with hope.

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