Sara Kruzan sentence reduced; eligible for parole this year

Child sex trafficking victim Sara Kruzan, who is currently serving her nineteenth year in prison, will likely be released from jail within a few months.  At a Riverside Court hearing this morning, it was revealed that Kruzan’s sentence has been reduced to 15 years plus four years and is eligible for parole this year. Kruzan […]

Breaking News: Sara Kruzan hearing postponed

Six members of child sex trafficking victim Sara Jessimy Kruzan’s family and legal team waited anxiously outside a Riverside County courtroom today for Kruzan’s scheduled 8:30 a.m. hearing where Judge Gary Tranbarger was to reveal the terms of her settlement. But no hearing took place and no settlement was disclosed. After waiting at least an […]

Settlement reached for child sex trafficking victim Sara Kruzan

Last week, I saw Django: Unchained, a film currently in theaters about an American slave who exacts justice from slaveholders. The audience let out a cheering roar each time slave Django came one step closer to claiming redemption in the face of slave masters. The movie is set in the antebellum South on the eve […]