David Singletary

We would like to thank David Singletary for his ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking. David is the owner of Sacred Art Tattoo located in Chico, CA, where he grew up. After travelling for a few years, David moved back to Chico in 1993 to help care for his mother and founded Sacred Art Tattoo in 1994, the first store of its kind in town. He has graciously donated both art and time to Abolish Slavery for auctions as well as for tribute. His art is featured on every AS web page as a screen saver download, but David is more than an artist and an activist. David is a person that is full of concern for his friends as well as for all humans. He is quick to speak up when he sees people or animals righted or wronged, which takes a strong mind and determination. He is equally creative as he is passionate about making the world a better place and we are grateful for his ongoing contributions not just to us, but to many people he has never met. David is also one of the nicest people you will ever want to know. Abolish Slavery is proud to include him as one of our featured activists.

David Singletary   David Singletary Tattoo Art