Featured Activists

Abolish Slavery Featured Activists:

David Singletary

We would like to thank David Singletary for his ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking. David is the owner of Sacred Art Tattoo located in Chico, CA, where he grew up. After travelling for a few years, David moved back to Chico in 1993 to help care for his mother and founded Sacred Art Tattoo in 1994, the first store of its kind in town. He has graciously donated both art and time to Abolish Slavery for auctions as well as for tribute. His art is featured on every AS web page as a screen saver download, but David is more than an artist and an activist. David is a person that is full of concern for his friends as well as for all humans. He is quick to speak up when he sees people or animals righted or wronged, which takes a strong mind and determination. He is equally creative as he is passionate about making the world a better place and we are grateful for his ongoing contributions not just to us, but to many people he has never met. David is also one of the nicest people you will ever want to know. Abolish Slavery is proud to include him as one of our featured activists.

David Singletary   David Singletary Tattoo Art

Tahoe Network Television

Tahoe Network Television is on the forefront of fighting slavery in Tahoe, Reno and far beyond. They air current news stories and live webcasts of anti-slavery events, thus providing international viewership, making human trafficking a general theme, and assuring that everyone we know is aware of modern-day slavery. Thank you TNTV for continuing to support Abolish Slavery Coalition.




Rock to Save Darfur

Rock to Save Darfur is a 501c3 not for profit organization that mobilizes through music to fulfill its mission of ending the genocide and slavery in the Sudan. In the last twenty years, millions of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been forced into slavery. Three components of the RTSD mission are education, advocacy and relief efforts.

Education includes events, speakers, literature, media, film, still images and music that will inform the public about the genocide and slavery in the Sudan. Speakers at our events include three time World Press award winner Ron Haviv, New York Legislators, leaders of Save The Children, Amnesty International and other partner organizations. Artists that have participated at our events include George Clinton &P-Funk, Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, Rejectionist Front, Women of the Calabash and others.

Advocacy includes utilizing the education component as a mean to prompt action that can end the suffering in Sudan such as divestment from all public and private entities doing business in the Sudan, targeted sanctions on members of the Sudanese government, enforcement of UN resolutions to provide a robust peacekeeping force and a no-fly zone.

Rock To Save Darfur provides financial support to the following organizations: Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, Christian Solidarity International, Jewish World Watch, Darfur Peoples Association of Greater New York, American Jewish World Services, SaveDarfur.org and others.

RTSD has a special earmarked program with Christian Solidarity International to continue their critical work to liberate slaves from the Sudan. Hundreds of men, women and children have been liberated through this program. Fund donated to our partner organization provide water, food, mosquito nets and medicine that have helped save thousands of lives. Additional donations provide clothing and school supplies.

RTSD produces concert benefit events and empowers Student Take Action Now in Darfur chapters, university student activities programs, other not for profit organizations and concerned individuals to co-produce events by providing resources as required including artists, speakers, audio/visual materials, literature, promotion, funding and/or other support.

In addition to RTSD’s work for Sudan, Rock To Save Darfur co-produces events that help other humanitarian efforts including Haiti, Burma and The Congo.

For more information about Rock To Save Darfur:

  • How to help end the genocide and slavery in the Sudan
  • How to join the community
  • How to create your own event with RTSD

Please go www.rocktosavedarfur.com for music videos of the band Rejectionist Front performing
“Fifty Dollars” about slavery in Sudan that intermixes live performance with footage of slave liberation. Also, visit www.world2be.com for more information on the film “Tibet: Beyond Fear and Eyes of the World.”

Contact Information:

go to: www.rocktosavedarfur.org
contact@rocktosavedarfur.org or call (201) 863-1010
Rock To Save Darfur is sponsored by World2Be Productions


Christian Elliott

Abolish Slavery would like to recognize Christian Elliott, A Human Rights Activist with a passion to help free victims of Human Trafficking. His professional career began as a session musician with national and international artists, and developed a skill for “Data Integrity & Security” while studying in Seoul Korea. He later leveraged this as a successful business for the private and public sector in London. He is currently working with law enforcement agencies and NGOs worldwide.

Christian Elliott in Burmese Jungle (2)Christian is actively pursuing his passion to help Children around the world and to date has helped establish and develop the international Children’s charity Globalangels.org He is now focusing on human rights, specifically trafficked victims and working with Abolish Slavery to combat this heinous crime. He was also part of the original steering group that formed Stopthetraffik.org which has over 1000 partner organizations and is located now in 50 countries.

Christian is forming an agency dedicated to protecting children through a regional law-enforcement center called: The International Operations Center for Children (IOCC). One of the functions of this operations center is to actively train international law enforcement agencies in the latest and most proven protocols for investigating acts of human trafficking and child soldiers. The intelligence linked to human trafficking and child soldiers investigations will also aid investigations in arms trafficking, drug trafficking, and counter terrorism.

In a professional capacity Christian has provided high-level security services to the government (Met Police, United Nations, International Maritime Organisation and select Government agencies) and his team of consultants have won awards for innovation of technology and technical prowess in the Security networking industry.

“Experience has led me from artist/musician to the practicalities of being a commercial business owner and pioneer of a global charity. This allows me to leverage from a diverse set of skills to assist the delivery of something truly unique, innovative and achievable from the outset”

-Christian Elliott