Lance Tracy

Often working with NBC/Universal, Seattle-Native, LA-Based Lance Tracy is currently helping to brand the 2014 Winter Olympics as he did with the London Olympics. But perhaps Lance is best known for his 5 years at KNN as their dramatic films director, making films such as “The Cross” & “The Prodigal Daughter”. With distribution in 155 countries and 15 languages, he was sensitized to an international audience while earning 12 writing and directing awards. He has directed projects in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Cambodia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico City, Belize, Honduras, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the U.S.

In 2004 he started HUMAN to produce a feature documentary deemed by Sundance as “an accomplished film”. His company then produced humanitarian documentaries all over Mexico & Central America.

Relentless is an action/thriller about an American woman’s daughter who is kidnapped in El Salvador by traffickers. She enlists the help of a local to help find her. The trail leads through Guatemala and Mexico into the U.S. unearthing the Central American trafficking trade along the way.