Human Trafficking News for September 25, 2012

  • Obama Outlines Efforts to Prevent 'Modern Slavery'
    President Obama used a speech before the Clinton Global Initiative today to outline new steps his administration is taking to stop human trafficking, which he said “must be called by its true name, modern slavery.” The president said he does not use the term “slavery”…
  • Obama's Latest Executive Order Combats Human Trafficking
    President Barack Obama used his turn at the podium of the Clinton Global Initiative to announce a that expressly bans U.S. government contractors from engaging in human trafficking. The president  "modern slavery" and "barbaric, evil, and it has no place in the civilized world." The president made the point that the United States is the largest purchaser of goods and services on earth, and the …
  • Obama outlines steps to fight human trafficking
    President Barack Obama called human trafficking nothing more than "modern slavery," outlining new steps on Tuesday to combat the exploitation of workers and children in the United States and abroad.
  • Obama proclaims fight against 'slavery'
    President Barack Obama announced Tuesday a new offensive against what he called the "modern slavery" of human trafficking.
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