Global Sound Lodge, Matt Sorum

Matt Sorum is best known for his career drumming in bands such as The Cult, Gun-N-Roses and Velvet Revolver, and in 2012, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While these are truly outstanding accomplishments, Abolish Slavery Coalition is honoring Matt Sorum for ongoing work with his nonprofit organization called Global Sound Lodge

Global Sound Lodge was created by Matt to bring a music relief program to children who are at risk of becoming slaves all over the world; in Brazil, Haiti, Thailand, or the United States.

Recently, Global Sound Lodge teamed up with Abolish Slavery Coalition to arrange a musical instrument donation to The Shade Tree Shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada, which provides safety and services for rescued slaves. Matt brought guitars and was able to effectively utilize the universal language of peace, love and music and connected with these frightened and displaced children.

Global Sound Lodge is Matt saying to the world, “Help us do this together. Come with us on this journey. We’re going to take this idea out to the rest of the world and help. Let’s trade weapons for guitars. Please support Global Sound Lodge. Music Can Save the World!”


A note from Matt:

Hello Beautiful People,
We have created this [Global Sound Lodge] site as a way to communicate through music, lets try and bring a cool vibe here.
all humanitarian and loving. The idea is to download the stems we have provided and put your take on them. All instruments and ideas are welcome. Along with vocals or whatever comes into your head.
Have fun and lets bring some peace and harmony…. ONE NOTE AT A TIME!!!!!


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