Slavery Exists? Exposing Human Trafficking

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  1. Can you e-mail the Human Trafficking exposed video to me? My son is doing a History Day project on Aaron Cohen and he would like to use the video in his presentation. Any format that he can import into imovie (Mac) would be great.

    You are doing great work! Thank you, Nanette

  2. I’ve unfortunately seen somenthing wich seems like slavery. This is about girls in Tunisia. Some of them are teenagers, have left school when they were children. Their parents exchange them for some money and send them in deplorable conditions working most of the time. I think that it could be a kind of slavery today!

  3. Well, its so sad that given the present day and age of time that we are,some evil and Idol minds are still engaging in the act of human trafficking. It is high time, that we all join hands together 2 put and end to this despicable and inhumane act to our humans. All of the perpetrators are to be punished without given any second chance. This act must stop.

    Ferdinand,from Nigeria

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