Event: A Night of Laughter with Sam Tripoli

Abolish Slavery Coalition would like to thank Sam Tripoli, Shawn Palofski, Justin Martindale, Brent Morin, Kirk Fox and Dean Risko for their outstanding performances while raising money to combat slavery.

We also thank our sponsors, The Comedy Store, LA Weekly, Pura Vida Tequila, The Mondrian Hotel and Step and Repeat Los Angeles for your assistance in what turned out to be a stellar event.

The red carpet made everything sweeter and people loved having their picture taken on it, as well as tieing together the performers, the venue, the sponsors, the celebrities and all of our supporters in the nicest way. Can’t say thank you enough. It was wonderful having everyone as part of our show.

Special thanks to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top who donated a Pura Vida guitar for our auction and the winner was ecstatic. Thanks to everybody who made this a fun, memorable night.

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