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Human trafficking, or modern-day slavery, is the fastest growing illegal business in the world and endangers the lives of millions of people worldwide. It is a human rights pandemic that knows no borders. Trafficking networks operate in the United States and across the globe, disproportionately abusing women and girls. Today more than ever, victims of this form of modern-day slavery are being prostituted, enslaved in labor servitude, abused, tortured and murdered by traffickers who often exploit victims’ vulnerabilities. Together, we can prevent the spread of modern-day slavery here in the United States and internationally by finding and protecting those who have fallen into slavery, and by promoting the infrastructure needed to rescue victims and assist them on the road to recovery.
The Abolish Slavery Coalition prevents the spread of modern-day slavery by helping to establish and mentor human trafficking task forces domestically and internationally in order to find and protect those who have fallen into slavery. Once the survivors are identified and rescued, the dynamics of the work changes because these survivors need food, clothing, housing and medical help, as well as educational and vocational training to start new lives. In most cases, the Abolish Slavery staff works with survivors for at least four years following their initial liberation by assisting them in finding additional social and rehabilitation programs to place them on the road of career training and finding legitimate long-term work.

With the cost of investigations, rescue, aftercare and medical support, and with the cost of educational and vocational training skyrocketing, it is our hope at Abolish Slavery to find compassionate donors, and corporate sponsors and partners who understand the urgency and necessity to emancipate the enslaved and to help bring crucially needed support to survivors.

With the President of the United States vowing to crack down on human trafficking and more anti-human trafficking legislation enacted now more than ever, this is a crucial time to become active in helping save lives from modern-day slavery. Thank you for your donations and support in our domestic and international programs. Together, we can make a difference and end modern-day slavery by helping as many victims as we possibly can.

Abolish Slavery has created the Abolish Slavery Passport2Freedom Fund to the following: “The Abolish Slavery Passport2Freedom Fund” allows financial supporters put 100 percent of contributions toward defraying the costs associated with finding victims of human trafficking through our groundbreaking investigations, transitions of victims to survivor director service resources, and organizational mission work to combat human trafficking in the United States. The average investigation and transition cost per victim of human trafficking in the United States is $10,000, so we need the financial support of abolitionist like you.”

Abolish Slavery Passport2Freedom Fund
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