New York mission update from Abolish Slavery Co-Founder

Mission Update from the Abolish Slavery Coalition’s Chairman and Co-Founder:

I’d like to take a moment to bring awareness of Abolish Slavery’s current work to supporters and fellow activists of the cause against human trafficking.  We are currently on a mission in New York where we are conducting human trafficking investigations and transitioning young victims from life in modern-day slavery.  Once these young girls are transitioned, we work with them to ensure that they receive the necessary assistance and support to evolve from a victim of human trafficking to a survivor with restored dignity.  Typically, for several years following the victim’s initial transition, we provide assistance that consists of a variety of resources, including, but not limited to therapy sessions, transitional living residency, college education, vocational training and living expenses, such as rent, food and necessary home furnishing.

We have recently secured rescues in New York City, which have been successful in terms of liberating victims from pimp control.  For these rescues to see complete transition success, however, a victim needs to enter the rehabilitation process where she can reach full recovery and personally identify herself as a self-sufficient survivor.  In order for her to reach this point, necessary resources for her recovery process need to be made fully accessible, which can be made possible with gracious donations.  Considering that we have rescued girls who have already begun their rehabilitation process, the need to secure resources for them is immediate.

While recently in NYC, I was honored to work with a 20-year-old victim who Abolish Slavery had just liberated from a life of prostitution in which she had endured sexual trauma and abuse under pimp control.  We reunited her with her mother in a neighboring state where she had been abducted from.  We are committed to ensuring that this young lady receives the assistance that she needs to evolve from being a victim to becoming a survivor.  We are dedicated to seeing this rehabilitation process come full circle where she will be reintegrated back into society, living a self-sufficient life with restored dignity and purpose with freedom that allows her to realize her own destiny.

She is now seeing a psychotherapist twice a week who will help her move forward in her rehabilitation process and treat her varying symptoms that she suffers from as a result of her physical and psychological abuse and trauma she has experienced.  Following her therapy sessions, she plans to live in transitional housing for survivors of sexual trauma.  This home will offer her live-in counseling and the opportunity for healing and spiritual growth through group therapy, where she will be supported by people who have had similar experiences that will provide her with the comfort and strength she needs for her personal evolution.  She has applied to a junior college and plans to begin classes this summer following her transitional living experience.  This young lady’s choice of going to therapy sessions, residing in a transitional living home and gaining a college education will serve her profoundly on her road to a full recovery where she will blossom into a survivor of human trafficking with a newfound sense of self-worth.

It is our hope at Abolish Slavery that we secure the vital resources needed in order for victims of human trafficking to become survivors, like the young lady who we recently transitioned out of a life in sex trafficking is well on her way to doing.  With recently rescued victims already in this transition process, we need to immediately raise funds to obtain resources for these victims to move forward with their lives.  If you would like to contribute to this cause by making a donation, please contact Richard Leger, Executive Director of Abolish Slavery, at  We are eternally grateful for your fervent desire and dedication to fighting against human trafficking to help end the atrocity that is modern-day slavery.

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