Combating Human Trafficking & Restoring Dignity
to Victims of Modern Day Slavery is a leading human rights organization fighting modern-day slavery worldwide.

We are waging a cutting edge campaign to awaken the world to the fastest growing sources of revenue for organized crime and terrorist networks by partnering with media to reach popular culture, attack the culture of complicity that has allowed there to be more slaves today than at any other time in modern history, and ultimately lead survivors to new lives in freedom. We seeks to investigate human trafficking hot spots and transition victims to safe housing, counseling, education, job training, alcohol and substance abuse prevention & intervention, and other services that lead survivors to self sufficiency.

You can help victims of human trafficking by supporting us here at The resources of supporters help defray the costs of investigations and transitions for survivors to freedom and self-sufficiency.

Announcing the RELENTLESS East Coast Premiere
& Abolish Slavery Coalition Benefit

Wednesday, Sept 13th, 2017  6:30 pm

Red Carpet / Press Conference

Writer/Director & Cast Q&A

Human Trafficking Survivor Q&A

Abolitionist, Aaron Cohen Q&A

Pittsburgh, PA - More details coming soon! 

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By conservative estimates, 27 million people are forced to work for little or no pay under the threat of violence.

Today’s victims of human trafficking, also known as contemporary slaves, may be in debt bondage for two and three generations making bricks in India. Or in America, runaway girls are sometimes forced into prostitution by controlling pimps who move them, rape them, and exploit them as prostitutes purchased largely by American men.

Chattel slavery exists in Mauritania and Sudan where people are bought and sold and handed down as property from generation to generation.

Forced labor of domestic servants can also be found in huge mansions in Europe or the Middle East because the slaveholder takes immigration documents and victims may not speak the language of the country they are in.

Abolish Slavery invites you to become an abolitionist by supporting our work to cut of the demand for modern-day slavery, investigating it, and providing for the relief and freedom for victims of this heinous crime.


What can you do?

  • Donate needed funds for rescue missions.
  • Adopt or sponsor a victim who is at a shelter in recovery.
  • Provide victims and their families with survival kits.
  • Advocate for the protection of the rights of victims.
  • Produce an event or fund raising effort for victims of trafficking.
  • Form your own group or task force of people interested to help.
  • Keep watch over the people in your area.
  • Ask your company if they participate in Matching Donations to double your donation! Talk with your HR Department today.